Show Review:

  Peter Pan Goes Wrong

  3rd – 7th December 2019

Mischief Theatre’s hit Christmas production of Peter Pan Goes Wrong is showing at The Lowry!

The show, based on JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, is a hilarious tale of mishaps and misadventures.

The show begins in the loving family home of the Darlings, where we meet Michael, John, Wendy and their parents.  Right from the first scene we are witness to Mr Darling falling over (a number of times), Nana the dog gets stuck in the dog flap, and the childrens beds collapse one on top of the other.  Annie (Phoebe Ellabani) plays a number of characters, including Mrs Darling and Lisa, and she is hilarious rushed from one character to the other, intentionally and hilariously, failing to fulfil the costume changes in time.

When the children meet Peter Pan, his real-life shadow accompanies him, hilariously attempting to mirror his movements ultimately ending in catastrophe.

As Peter is launched (flying) into the air, he is left dangling upside down and whilst he frantically grabs onto a window, it comes off in his hands.  The set literally seems to have a life of its own with its perfectly timed falling scenery, injured characters and moving boats!

Mischief Theatre perform the sad tale about a lonely orphan that refuses to grow up in a hilarious, side splitting fashion with a wonderful ending.

This is definitely the most hilarious show you will see, performed with such wonderful timing, leaving you aching from laughter.

The show is running at The Lowry until 7th December so make sure you don’t miss out!