Have you got your tickets to the show ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’?

What a wonderful show!  The story is told in such a lovely way, with ingenious methods of recreating the scenes.

We join dad, 3 children and their dog, as they set off on their intrepid adventure in search of a bear.  From the very start the audience are involved, getting carried away with quirky, funny dances and songs.   The long wavy grass is recreated in an imaginative way, with the family realising “they can’t go over it, they can’t go under it, oh no… they’ll have to go through it!”

As the adventurous family reach the splishy splashy river, they realise they need to “go through it” and step through water.  Dad’s need for armbands has everyone laughing, and the interaction with the audience continues as they proceed to splash everyone, and spray them with water guns!  Every single member of the audience squealed with laughter as they were gently squirted and sprayed.

The thick, oozy, squelchy mud scene was very funny, with their comical antics, resulting in them covering each other in it!  They had the whole audience laughing, and the kids in particular loved it!

The swirling, whirling snowstorm was lovely as the clever lighting in the theatre looked like it was snowing everywhere… and all the while the sounds of the bear become closer, and louder.. including grumbles, snores and burps!

The adorable dog creates the mood for the whole show with his musical skills, making the visit to the cave at the end of the show, along with great lighting, feels a little scary (although not too much to scare little ones).

The bear appears and starts to chase the family, back through the swirling, whirling snow storm, the thick ozzy mud, the deep dark forest and the long wavy grass, all the way back to their front door.. which thrills, and excites, every single one of the kids!

Throughout the show, the interaction with the audience was fantastic!  Singing along with their songs, along with audience participation is wonderful!  What a heart-warming, feel good show!

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The show runs until 1st September so don’t miss out!  Read more about the show, and book your tickets, HERE.

Relaxed performances, audio described performances, and BSL performances are also available.  Further details regarding these performances can be found HERE.

The Lowry Bear Hunt

The Lowry have also created their own Bear Hunt, with 8 bears located around the Lowry Outlet, and theatre, for you to explore and find.  Further details of the Bear Hunt can be found HERE.

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