Peppa Pig’s Adventure!

The Lowry invited us along to the new show ‘Peppa Pig’s Adventure’ this week.

Straight from the start of the show the audience were involved as we meet Peppa’s friend, Daisy.  Daisy speaks to the audience and explains she is about to start school, and how nervous she feels.

As well as Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and George of course, the show also features other much-loved favourites including Pedro Pony, Gerald Giraffe and Suzy Sheep.

We join Peppa, Daisy and friends at school, enjoying the music lesson, where the audience are encouraged to join in with the beat.

Daddy Pig then drives the friends, and Mrs Gazelle, to the campsite where they stay overnight.  The friends, and children, are introduced to animals that come out at night and Daisy sings a lullaby to help the children fall asleep.

You won’t be surprised to hear that it rains overnight so all the friends can enjoy one of their favourite things when they wake up in the morning…. jumping up and down in muddy puddles!  It was absolutely hilarious when a member of the crew suddenly rushes down the aisles of the theatre spraying everyone with a water gun!

Take a look at the trailer here…

There are some lovely special effects in the show when the animals come out at night and visual images of the stars at night and characters in their tents.

The story has been put together very well and holds the interest of youngsters.  The storyline also easily addresses feelings about first day at school nerves but reassures how quickly you can make friends and settle in.  There are also a variety of educational aspects to the show including counting, musical instruments and nocturnal animals.

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