How To Hide A Lion

The Lowry are currently showing the lovely Helen Stephens story ‘How To Hide A Lion’ and we were lucky enough to go along to watch it.

How to hide a lion

The story is the one that we all know, and love, but with some wonderful puppetry, and songs telling the tale of when Lion comes to town to buy a hat but runs away when the townspeople are scared of him.

How to hide a lion1

The lovely Iris finds Lion hiding in her play house, and she befriends Lion, when no-one else would.  She cares for his injured paw, plays with him and tries to hide him in her bedroom.  Iris’s mum eventually sees Lion and he runs away, hiding amongst statues in the Town, where he can see everyone but they cannot see him.  He witnesses the Town’s prized golden candlestick being stolen and he captures the thief, saving the candlestick.  The townspeople are then able to see Lion for the kindhearted, helpful character he really is and The Mayor offers him anything he wants.  Of course, the Lion chooses the hat he had originally wanted to buy.

The show is very well put together, with the puppeteers working so well together, not only with the puppets but also the background, scenery etc.  Not a single thing has been missed in putting the show together, the sound effects are perfectly timed and even the bubbles in the bath are real bubbles.

The show is a lovely, funny, heartwarming tale about kindness, how first appearances can be deceiving and to never judge a book by its cover.

The performance wasn’t very long, approximately 45 minutes, and my little one didn’t want to leave. At the end it was particularly lovely because Iris and the Lion were available for children to meet them.  There was also the opportunity to buy the book which we did and it was lovely to end the day reading it at bedtime.

The show is on at The Lowry until Sunday 28th October so don’t miss out!

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