How To Appeal

What to do if your child is not offered their first choice primary school in Bury

If your child has not received their first choice, all is not lost.

The Local Authority allocate places to children according to criteria such as catchment areas, etc and, if they have not been able to offer your child a place at your first choice, your other preferences will have been considered.  If it has still not been possible to allocate a place at your other preferences, a place will be offered at the nearest school to your home that has a vacancy.

Topping up Procedure

The Local Authority work through a Topping Up procedure as, and when, places become available due to withdrawals.  The number of children waiting for places constantly changes and, if a place becomes available, it will be offered in accordance with the over-subscription criteria.


If your child is not offered a place at a school of your preference, you have the right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. You can appeal to any, or all of the schools, using the online appeals system here

Process: –

  • In your appeal you need to give the reasons for wanting a place at each school.
  • The Local Authority will prepare a statement explaining why they have not been able to offer a place.
  • Your form and the LA statement will form the basis of the consideration by the Appeals Panel.
  • You will be invited to a meeting to discuss your case with the Panel. A Local Authority or Governor representative will also be invited.
  • The Panel will make their decision based on the information available to them at the meeting.