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Are You Ready To Feel Good At The Studio?


The Studio opened in September 2018, with the ultimate aim to provide a space where everyone could access all aspects of health and wellbeing, for the body and mind, all under one roof.

The original concept was to help all ages, from conception to the elderly, and equip them with all health and wellbeing tools to improve their health both mentally and physically.


So what does the Studio offer?  




Feel Good Therapies is based onsite and can provide a wide range of Massages, including Sports, Pregnancy and Remedial. They also offer Reiki and Reflexology – Lymph drainage, Fertility, Pregnancy and Baby.



Exercise Classes


Throughout the week there is a variety of exercise classes to help maintain, or improve fitness levels, regardless of ability or mobility. These include Chair based exercise, Legs, Bums and Tums, A Full Body Workout, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba.


Craft Sessions


In the dedicated craft area there is a wide range of crafting such as Card making, Macrame, Jewellery making, Weaving, Kusudama flowers, Quilling, Decoupage, Wreath making to name just a few.  Attending the workshops allows people to gain extra skills, build confidence and make new friends. All of which helps them with their mental health and wellbeing.


Nutrition Advice


Working with partners, the Studio is able to provide nutrition advice in group sessions or on a 1:1 basis. Talks will help people to understand the importance of eating well to improve their body, to lose weight and how eating the wrong things for their body can have, in some cases, a devastating impact. This advice is tailored to the needs of the individual. 


Healing Day


The Studio is planning to hold a Healing Day (date to be announced) where there will be taster sessions for Reiki and Bars, nutrition advice and Magnetix jewellery to purchase. It will also be an ideal opportunity to see what else is have on offer.  Entry to the event will be just £5 per person.


Lottery Funding


Feel Good At The Studio have recently been granted lotter funding to provide a wide range of workshops for people who have been struggling with their mental health, anxiety or lonelinesss during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Upcoming Workshops

To kickstart the programme of workshops is a session on Anxiety Awareness (How To Tame Your Emotions) where you will be able to learn techniques and principles to help you to control your emotions, which can be applied in different situations.

The Meditation Course delivered over 4 weeks is designed to help you improve your health using meditation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy techniques.

Alongside these inhouse workshops the Studio are delighted to be working with Community Buds, who are delivering a craft programme designed to help people integrate back into society and combat isolation brought on by the restrictions Covid-19 has brought.

Over the next few months further workshops will be added such as Jewellery Making, Dance To Wellbeing, Dance For Fun, 3D Frames and Quilling.  All details will be added to the Facebook page, Feel Good At The Studio or you can make contact on the numbers below.

Room Hire


The Studio also has three rooms available to hire for full days, half days or evenings.

Full details of room hire can be found HERE.


Further Information


Feel Good At The Studio Exercise Classes

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Lottery Funded Workshops

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Contact Ann on 07538021223


Jewellery Workshops

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Feel Good Therapies

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