Local lady, Rachel Earing, is literally tapping into the world of Emotional Freedom Techniques with her company Live4Energy.

What are Emotional Freedom Techniques?

EFT is based on energy therapy and draws on various theories of alternative therapies such as acupuncture.  By tapping on ‘meridian points’ on the body you are able to release energy blockages, which cause negative emotions.  The process helps people to free themselves of past emotions, to feel focused, energised and to provide the ability to thrive on new challenges that life may bring our way.

How Can It Help?

Rachel firmly believes that tapping is an unspoken communication that can aid bring families closer together.

Rachel teaches quick, relaxing techniques that can help the whole family.  Some of the areas that EFT can help with are:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Weight Issues
  • Physical Pain
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Bullying… and many more!

Can It Help Babies?

Even babies can benefit from an adapted form of EFT, which can aid sleep and colic struggles, to name but a few.

Take a look at the Welcome video below, to hear directly from Rachel, how you and your family can benefit.

What Help Is Available?

There are various different options available, to suit all needs and preferences, including:

  • Live tapping sessions
  • One to one work
  • Family therapy
  • Group sessions
  • Courses.

Rachel can design bespoke therapies specifically tailored for you, and your family. Get in touch here for further information.

What Other Help Is Available?


Rachel runs a Facebook group for tips on EFT, which is a closed group enabling members to share concerns and help each other.

Take a look at the Facebook Group to learn more.

Tap Around The Clock

This free, 5 star app is a mindfulness tool which provides you with the ability to use meridian tapping points throughout a 24 hour period.  This educational tool helps to balance your emotional and physical self, by providing a bridge between your logic and energy therapy.

The Spiral Of Life

Rachel is the author ‘The Spiral Of Life’. The book, which has 5 star reviews, is a workable tool to use at any time to focus on you, and your family, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Family Life Bury - The Spiral Of Life EFT Book

Take a look at the book, find out more, and purchase your copy HERE.


There are a variety of resources available on the website, including:

  • A3 charts
  • PDF downloads
  • E-book

Take a look at the resources available HERE.

Family Life Bury - EFT Tapping Bundle Resource


Take a look at some of Live4Energy’s testimonials HERE and see for yourself how it has already helped a huge number of people .

Find Out More

Further information can be found at the website www.live4energy.co.uk.

Get In Touch

Contact Rachel 07495 020972 or send your enquiries by email to rachel@live4energy.co.uk.

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