How magical is Christmas for kids? Imagine being able to take them to Elf Training!

That’s exactly what we did today at the Elf Adventure Challenge!

Our Adventure

We were greeted by Ginger and Baubles the elves, who recruited us as elves in training, and challenged us to complete certain tasks in order to qualify as honorary elves.

Challenge 1: Building Toys

After being put into teams we were challenged to see which team could build a robot the fastest.  Then, when we thought we were defeated, we had another competition to see who could dismantle it the fastest! Those IKEA flat pack furniture making times came in handy!

Challenge 2: Stacking Presents

Armed with a chart full of clues, we had to race to see who could put the presents in the right order the fastest.  It was great to see my little one steadily stacking his presents one on top of the other until his face lit up when the pile was even bigger than he was!

Challenge 3: Fuelling The Sleigh

Given a sack full of snowballs, the kids had to throw them one by one into the buckets.  Parents/ guardians had to catch the snowballs, for them to be used as fuel in Santa’s sleigh.  How hilarious when you have a large number of kids trying to aim snowballs at buckets all at the same time!

Challenge 4: Sorting Santa’s Treats

Baubles sat everyone down to tell the story of how he had managed to mix up Santa’s treats so the kids had to search for specific items in the sack to put on Santa’s plate, including some milk, sherry, mince pie and carrot.

Elf March

Our challenge was completed by performing the Elf March, made even more magical with all the lights and bubbles.  Every one of the children seemed to have forgotten that parents were even present by this stage and enjoyed dancing and jumping around in excitement.

Honorary Elf Presentation

After learning the ‘Elf Hand Shake’, each child received an Elf Adventure Challenge Completion Certificate and a copy of ‘Sprout’s Elf Adventure Challenge’ book to take home.

What A Way To Finish The Day

As we went to The Ice Cream Farm for the Elf Adventure Challenge, it would have been rude not to finish the day with a play in the park area and, of course, an ice cream!

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