Dr Seuss’ How The GRINCH Stole Christmas!

10th December 2019
   – 5th January 2020

Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas has landed in Manchester just in time for the wonderful festive period!

The Grinch, lives alone with just his trusty dog Max for company, which is just how he likes it.. quiet! He hates Christmas because it is full of everything he hates, especially the NOISE, NOISE, NOISE!

He grimaces, and groans, at the merry festivities taking place in Whoville as each, and every Who, sings and celebrates this wonderful time of year!  The Grinch needs THE NOISE to stop and comes up with the wonderful idea of stealing Christmas!

As he sneaks into houses on Christmas Eve stealing Christmas presents, stockings, Christmas trees and Roast Beast little Cindy Lou Who wakes from her sleep to catch him in the act.  Throwing her arms around him, she warms his heart with her loving nature, making it grow 3 times it’s size!

Watching how the whole of Whoville still celebrate Christmas without the gifts and decorations, he realises he can’t stop Christmas.  His bigger heart can’t resist the happy sounds of Whoville and visits, delivering the gifts to the lovely folk of Whoville.

The Cast

The stars of the show are, without doubt, Cindy Lou Who and the man himself, the Grinch.

Eight year old Isla Gie plays little Cindy Lou Who (also played by Eve Corbishly, Sophie Woods and Bebe Massey), who not only warms the heart of the Grinch, but the audience too with cuteness by the bucket loads, and an amazing stage presence for someone so small.

Edward Baker-Duly plays the Grinch at The Lowry, pulling off the voice, mannerisms and humour to perfection!

Starring Griff Rhys Jones as Old Max, and Matt Terry as Young Max this broadway sensation is a must see! 

Based on Dr. Seuss’ wonderful books, How The Grinch Stole Christmas is a wonderful festive treat.  The outfits are amazing, the scenery and props are spectacular and the special effects are wonderful!  Be prepared for a snowy, feel good Christmas show, perfect for family members young and old! 

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is showing at The Lowry this Christmas from Tuesday 10th December 2019 to Sunday 5th January 2020. 


Ticket prices start from just £23.50.  Buy your tickets here!


The Lowry Theatre, Pier 8, The Quays, Salford M50 3AZ.

Don’t miss this amazing festive treat!  Book your tickets today to make some magical family memories!


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