Dino Disco Adventure Challenge

Do you have a little Dino fan at home? Do they love dancing, fun and games?

Dino Disco Adventure Challenge is a must!

The event is on in the Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester this weekend and we went along to join in the fun.

The event is perfect for ages 2-8 so my 3 year old absolutely loved it!

Dino Dance

After meeting the Rangers, and learning the special talents needed to become Rangers, everyone learnt the moves to the ‘Dino Dance’.  To the amazement of all the youngsters, Greg the Dino appeared to perform the dance with them!


Dino Fossil

Whilst Greg went off to eat some ice cream, the children (helped by their families) used the dinosaur fossils to build a dinosaur skeleton.

Dino Games

Everyone got into teams and enjoyed taking part in an Egg & Spoon race which involved transporting dinosaur eggs into nests, they competed to score points by hoola hooping dinosaurs and took part in a dino trivia quiz which Greg helped with.

Ranger Graduation

The children were so excited to hear they had graduated as fully qualified Rangers and received a ‘well done’ gift.


Everyone got the chance to have their photograph taken with Greg and the Rangers – which they all loved!


Our Recommendation

If you have a Dinosaur fan, or simply want to try something different, you really can’t go wrong with the Dino Disco Adventure Challenge.  Wonder Adventures have done an amazing job of making the event not only a magical experience for kids, but also a wonderful way for families to spend quality time together.

Dino Disco Adventure Challenge is fantastic family fun!


Wonder Adventures

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