Cockfields Christmas Experience Review

Are you looking for an amazing Christmas Experience?  We went along to the Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience this weekend… and what an experience it was!

Before The Day

Prior to the date of your visit, your child receives a special invitation through the post (if this option is selected at the time of booking), addressed to them and sealed with a wax stamp from the North Pole!

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience Santa Claus Letter

Watch for their faces lighting up when you read the invitation to them!

On The Day

On arriving at Cockfields Farm, you check in at the North Pole and your child receives their North Pole Passport.  The Passport guides you through each step of your experience and, on completion of each step, children can get their passport stamps.

Cockfields Farm Christmas Experience North Pole Passport

Elves Workshop

The first stop of the tour is a visit to the Elves Workshop where each child receives a bag with their bear inside, ready for them to make (sounds and outfits are available at additional cost).  The elves are on stage talking children through the different stages of making their bears, along with singing funny songs, teaching the ‘Elf Wave’ and doing dances.

Post Office

The next stop is the Post Office where children are invited to write their letter to Santa, address it to him, get a special stamp added to it before posting it in the special post box.

My little one absolutely loved being able to post it himself, knowing it was being sent directly to the big man himself!

Whilst in the Post Office, the children all receive a ‘Certificate of Graduation from Elf School’ which can only add to the smiles!

Mrs Claus’ Kitchen

You are then taken to Mrs Claus’ Kitchen where the children all sit on the carpet and listen to a wonderful, wintry tale read by Mrs Claus herself.  While the children are happy, content, and distracted the parents can get a well earned hot chocolate or mulled wine with mince pies.

After listening to the story, the children are given a gingerbread man each to decorate with sweets.

Sweet Shop

From here you are guided through the Elf Village where you will find ‘Elfridges, ‘Elfords Automotive Store’ and other quirky shops, along with the Elf Toy Store and Elf Quarters.

A lovely little addition to this area is the ‘Dummy Tree’ so if you are wanting your little one to part with their dummy, take it along, write a note and hang it on the tree to leave for Father Christmas who will, in turn, leave an extra present.

The sweet shop contains pretty much any choice of sweet you can think of and children are given a bag of sweets of their choice.

Santa’s Stable

The last stop of the tour is to visit Santa’s Stables where you can meet Dancer & Prancer, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Meeting Father Christmas

By this point the kids are fit to burst with smiles and excitement as they wait to meet Father Christmas.  They are called through to meet the big man himself where he is sat by the fire in his chair.  He is so warm and welcoming with the children that they are not afraid, and they are comfortable enough to have a lovely chat and pose for some fantastic photos.

Father Christmas then gives each child a special golden coin and tells them to go and pick something nice from the Toy Shop.  To be able to choose their own special gift from Father Christmas tops the day off perfectly!

How To Buy Tickets

Tickets are limited but some dates, and time slots, are still available.  You can book your tickets here

If you are looking for that special goosebump treat for the kids the Christmas Experience at Cockfields Farm is a MUST!  You won’t be disappointed.


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