Circus 1903

Have you booked to see Circus 1903 yet? If you have, you are in for such a treat! If not, don’t miss out, this show is a must!

From the very beginning acrobats fly through the air, at unbelievable heights, somersaulting mid-air to the gasps of the audience. We see Senayet Asefa Amare, an amazing cortortionist, manoeuvre her body into positions you never thought possible! Swiftly followed by the Flying Fredonis performing a romantic high-flying acrobatic display that can only be compared to the works of the Greatest Showman.

We’ve all seen jugglers before, so nothing new there you’d assume… however, you’d be wrong. The accurancy, speed and sheer skill involved is nothing other than astounding!

Acrobats perform unthinkable displays of bravery on high, unsteady equipment, upside down! Whilst others throw colleagues in the air leaving you holding your breath! Not to miss out, The Remarkable Risleys use each other to perform an amazing acrobatic spinning display!

Ringmaster, David Williamson (otherwise known as Willy Whipsnade), is absolutely crucial to the show’s success! He narrates during the show to allow for a seamless performance, whilst using humour, and wonderful magic tricks bringing fun and entertainment to the whole performance. Children are invited to get involved in the show, and the whole audience is drawn in to the fun and games on stage.

The life-sized elephant puppets, Queenie and baby Peanut, created by Marvyn Millar and Tracy Waller, are greeted with wondering and amazement from the audience.

Circus 1903 promises to transport you back to the ‘Golden Age Of Circus’ and they do not disappoint! This is definitely a show not to be missed!

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