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Mindset & Me

Do you, or your child, struggle with low self esteem and a lack of confidence?  Rest assured you’re not alone.  Read Heather and Isaac’s story and find out why Mindset & Me was born.

Heather & Isaac’s Story

Heather is mum to 10 year old Isaac, who has ADHD, and is also on the autistic spectrum.   Isaac suffered with low self esteem and low self love which caused him a huge amount of distress.  Of course this was heartbreaking for Heather to see and she was desperate to find some way to help her son.

Heather herself has, in the past, struggled with areas in her own life that she wanted to overcome, and she had used the Law of Attraction and Mindset to help her to build her own confidence, and to improve her ability to deal with things.  After seeing how her own life had changed, Heather decided to implement her Mindset skills into Isaac’s life by doing daily affirmations with him.

Not only has there been a huge change in Isaac’s confidence, but also in his outlook, the way he deals with situations, and even in his behaviour at home and at school.

Heather decided she wanted to try to help other children in this same situation and created Mindset & Me.   Heather has worked hard to design and create products that will benefit others in the same way it has helped herself and Isaac.  Mindset & Me now have a wide range of products available including daily affirmation cards to read with your child, worksheets and journalling to document progress and work through ongoing tasks.

You can find out more about the specific products below: –

Affirmation Cards

Daily affirmation cards can be read with your child on a daily basis to help work on your child’s Mindset, boosting confidence and self love.  They are available for a whole range of ages, from youngsters to teenagers.

Affirmation cards can be purchased HERE


Worksheets are available as digital downloads and they include affirmation worksheets, confidence and self esteem worksheets.  You will also find a Parents Guide To A Growth Mindset giving helpful how to create a growth mindset at home, positive phrases and fun activities for all the family.

Take a look at the variety of worksheets available HERE


There are currently two journals available, a children’s journal and an adult journal.

Mindset And Me – A Day At A Time (Children’s Journal)

This journal is designed for children to document their feelings on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with various activities throughout the months to challenge their self-awareness and Mindset. Mindset is everything, it can help children develop and learn NOT to give up. This journal is designed to help you to be confident, resilient, develop high self esteem and ambition to achieve anything you want to in life.

Features: The journal consists of 6 months journalling with ongoing tasks.

Purchase your copy of the children’s journal from Amazon HERE

Mindset And Me Life Journal – A Day At A Time (Adult Journal)

The adult journal is to support your own adult mindset, which in turn will help your child. Journalling can be effective for many different reasons and can help you to reach a wide range of goals whether that is personal, lifestyle, family or work. It can help you to make important connections between thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and even reduce the effects of mental illness.

Features: The journal consists of 6 Months Journalling with ongoing tasks.

Purchase your copy of the adult’s journal from Amazon HERE


Mindset & Me have keyrings available to purchase to give you, or your child a daily reminder, if needed, the importance of self love.

You can purchase your keyrings HERE

Heather and Isaac’s hope is to help to make a difference in other people’s lives, like they have done in their own lives.  They are reaching out to other families who are in this same situation, and who need help.

From Isaac: “Doing Affirmations makes me be positive, do good things and I feel happier.” ​

Isaac continues to be a bit part of the business, and even designed the logo himself.

Mindset & Me - Isaac

Get in touch with Mindset & Me to see what a difference this can also make to you and your family.  Contact Heather at

You can find further information about Mindset & Me HERE

Mindset & Me - Heather & Isaac



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Pride of Bury 2019

The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity launched The Pride of Bury Awards in 2015 to celebrate Bury’s unsung Heroes.  The Awards are held in memory, and celebration, of Joshua Wilson aka SuperJosh who was himself a Bury Hero.

Created in Josh’s legacy, the Awards are designed to recognise the contribution made by other Heroes living, working and volunteering in the Borough of Bury.

The Awards Night, now in it’s fifth year, will be held at The Village Hotel on 25th October 2019


Nominations for the Pride of Bury 2019 awards are now open!

There are 14 categories for nominations: –

  • Our Little Hero – young heros aged 0-12
  • Our Brave Hero – open age
  • Our Teenage Hero
  • Our Community Hero – open age
  • Our Emergency Services Hero
  • Our Fundraising Hero
  • Our Sporting Hero
  • Our Teaching Hero
  • Our Caring Hero
  • Our Volunteering Hero
  • Our Professional Caring Hero
  • Our Little Fundraising Hero
  • Our Family Hero
  • The Joshua Wilson SuperJosh Ultimate Hero Award

Nominations close on 28th August 2019, at which point the public will be invited to shortlist each category and vote for the finalists.  The final 3 nominations chosen in each category will be invited to the black tie Awards ceremony on 25th October 2019.

If you know a local hero in the community, you can register your nomination at the Pride of Bury website HERE.

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Festwich 2019

Have you got your tickets yet?

Manchester’s free musical festival returns on 27th & 28th July 2019 at St Mary’s Park, Prestwich.

Tribute acts during the two day festival include:

  • Linkin Park
  • Prince
  • Bowie
  • Coldplay
  • R.E.M
  • Metallica
  • Killers
  • The Clash

There will be over 40 live bands with 2 stages and, in addition to the music, there will be food and beer tents, stalls and funfair attractions.

Tickets are still available for Saturday, with a limited number of tickets remaining for Sunday.

Tickets are free, all you pay is the booking fee £3.90.  Get your tickets here


Location: St Marys Park, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1GG

Festwich 2019